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Sumavision has covered 34 provincial markets and more than 1000 urban/county markets in China in the fields of Broadcasting, Electronic Communications, etc. In the year 2015, a market share of 45% entitles Sumavision the leader in the DTV head-end market in China for over 12 years. Also, the increasing speed of CA market share of Sumavision has been the No. one in China for 11 years. Until now, hardware products and software systems of Sumavision have been exported to more than 110 countries and regions all over the world.

Globally Sumavision serves over 2560 organizational customers from Germany, France, Iceland, Italy, Norway, Switzerland, Hungary, Slovakia, Croatia, Bulgaria and other Europe countries; USA, Brazil, Argentina, Saint Lucia, Uruguay, Honduras and other America countries; India, Bangladesh, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other Asia countries and regions; Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Uzbekistan and other CIS countries; Algeria and other Africa countries. So far, the sales amount of the Europe and North America markets is about one third of the total overseas sales amount of Sumavision.

Currently Sumavision has 5 marketing centers, 39 offices in America, Russia, India, the Philippines, Chinese Taiwan, etc.



Ÿ   For more than 8 years to provide complete set of head-end equipment to ensure broadcast operations for the Olympic Games, World cup and other major events

Ÿ   Provide ground / mobile transmission equipment to FOX,USA

Ÿ   Provide encoding/decoding equipment to Globalcast, France and serve to whole Europe.

Ÿ   Provide hardware head-end equipment to the largest operator for Russian market

Ÿ   Provide OTT/IPV service and Android STB to Pakistan and Canada customer

Ÿ   Provide 4000+ encoder to Brazil's largest cable operators with Cisco

Ÿ   Provide 100+ E2CMTS and DTV head end system to the largest Multi-service operator in India

Ÿ   Provide PMMB system to Philippines national TV station

Ÿ   E2CMTS has been tested and sold in 10+ counties including Europe, Canada, Japan, Russian

Ÿ   Provide head end system in national TV integration project in Congo and Kenya.

Ÿ   Provide total CAS solution to the biggest DVB-S operator in Congo.

Ÿ   National DTV project in Georgia

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