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Sumavision Attends CSTB2017 with The Latest DTV Total Solution

Time : 2018-01-29Source : 数码科技
  • February 7-9, 2017, CSTB is successfully held in the Crocus Expo, Moscow. CSTB is the CIS region's largest broadcast, satellite communications exhibition. Sponsored by the Government of the Russian Federation, the State Television and Radio Broadcasting Association, CSTB has great Influence in Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Kazakhstan, Armenia and other countries. The Crocus Expo consists of three exhibition halls, with more than 500 thousand square meters, which is the largest exhibition center in Russia, attracting more than 400 exhibitors from 27 countries this year.

  • The world's leading provider of digital TV solutions - Sumavision was invited to participate in this event, with the latest digital TV total solution, showing the industry’s leading technologies. Sumavision always meets the customer’s needs with perfect solutions and high-quality customer service. Sumavision believes that the interests of customer always come first, willing to achieve common development with the customers.

  • In this exhibition, Sumavision showed the overall solution for digital TV, in the form of devices and network diagram, so that the customers can understand of the overall operating mode from headend to terminal more intuitively and comprehensively, and can find out their interest part quickly.

  • In addition, Sumavision also showed the visualized operation management of the OMC platform, 4K, Multi-screen viewing and face recognition, recommendation and sharing, intelligent monitoring system, R-CMTS, Smart Home Gateway, etc. Sumavision OMC platform is designed with open and convergent architecture, with full media, full service capabilities. At the exhibition, Sumavision shared the latest technologies with the customers, who have unanimously endorsed Sumavision’s products and solutions, and expressed their willingness to collaborate with Sumavision.

  • After 17 years of technological innovation and development, Sumavision has capacity to provide end to end solution in digital TV industry. Up to now, Sumavision has provided professional services for more than 110 countries and regions around the world. With Beijing as the headquarter, Sumavision has established eight marketing centers, 39 offices in the United States, Russia, India, Philippines, etc. Sumavision is willing to provide better solutions and after-sales service to extend the enterprise's vision“For Better Digital Life”to the world.

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