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Mini-OTT System for Hospitality

  • Introduction

    As the video operation platform, this mini OTT system is focused on some small operators and many industry clients, especially for the hotels, cruise ships and so on. And it can meet live, VOD, time-shift, Catchup and other interactive functions.

  • The mini-OTT system can provide you with better cost performance and Pay-As-You-Grow capability, besides, our on premises installation include only one 1U universal server, which includes all important software modules, such as BO, Portal, AAA, CDN. Also the Mini OTT system support up to 20 live channels and 500 HD movies by default, meanwhile, it supports 1Gbps streaming or 500 concurrences (considering the average bitrate bandwidth is 2Mbps), which means the total subscribers would be up to 5000 (in many cases, the concurrency is around 10%). Furthermore, the Mini OTT system support expansion if subscribers are increased more than one server's capacity in the future.

  • The specific network of the mini OTT system is as follows.

  • Features

    • Smooth expansion: function, storage, streaming, etc.
    • Support cloud or on premises installation. 
    • Full-network support: Flexible compatibility between IP & Cable network.
    • Common terminal adaptation: STB (Additional terminals need license).
    • Basic video function: live, VOD, time-shift, Catchup, etc. 

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