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Sumavision showed “5G+4K” technology in ITTC

Time : 2019-08-15Source : 数码科技

On May 23, the 2019 Beijing International Television Technology Conference hosted by the China Media Group was held in Beijing. The symposium attracted more than 500 professionals from media, communication, and information technology sectors.

The head of China Media Group declared that 5G era has arrived, the Group will seize this opportunity, focus on core technologies, actively builds a brand-new ‘5G+4K+AI’ platform, and carries out technical application experiments in the 5G network environment.

Also, China Media Group is set to cooperate with partners across the media industry in-depth, promote the whole industry chain upgrade of content production, distribution and presentation. The group will continue pay attention on the development and innovation of high-technology, to facilitate more rapid media industry growth, and create a better digital life for people.

Sumavision (stock code: Sumavision 300079), as one of the pioneers in video technology service platform companies in the world, showed its “5G+4K” backpack at the conference, and the backpack was used to encode the 4K signal captured on live.

The “5G+4K” backpack adopts the industry's leading embedded architecture and portable design to ensure video quality and transmission security.

It is reported that the backpack has been applied to CCTV reports in 2019 “Two Sessions” and 2019 “Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation” and other large-scale live events, it has been well received by journalists.

At present the 5G+4K industry is in full swing around the world, and China has already taken the lead in the world. From the first realization of 4K ultra-high-definition video integration production and 5G network transmission, to the first domestic 4K ultra-high-definition star channel broadcast, and then to the Spring Festival Evening and "two sessions" Broadcast, other major events and achieve 5G live broadcast , Sumavision (stock code: Digital Technology 300079) participated in achieving all the above-mentioned key events and has been sticking to promoting China's ultra-high-definition industry development.

The 2019 Beijing International TV Technology Conference focused on the theme of “Building 5G+4K+AI Intelligent New Media, achieving an Independent Controllable Full-Media Platform with Strong Influence”. Participant discussed the application exploration and business practices of the new stage of media integration and development . Promoting the application of 5G+4K+AI frontier media technology, the development of media technology innovation and media integration. Sumavision (stock code: Digital Technology 300079) will be always committed to innovation and development , providing better products and technical services for domestic and overseas markets, we are committed to researching and developing the ultra-high-definition video industry in the 5G era, and promote the development and upgrade of the entire video industry chain.

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