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UHD video takes the lead in the 5G commercial field, Sumavision accelerates the development of the enabling industry

Time : 2019-08-15Source : 数码视讯

China Mobile recently expressed that they will invest more than 3 billion Yuan to implement the plan of "innovative development of 5G+ UHD enabled digital content industry", create a whole scene immersive experience ecology, innovative user audio-visual experience. UHD video is enjoying the support of central and local policies and enterprise intensive planning, and may become the first commercial field of 5G.

5G focuses on high-bandwidth application scenarios. 5G+4K/8K and 5G+VR have become hot spots in the industry. The industry points out that UHD video is facing the broad consumer market and industrial application market, and will become an important scene of 5G commercial deployment. According to the reporter, nine provinces and cities, including Guangdong, Beijing, Shanghai, Hunan and Shenzhen, have recently released industrial development action plans and relevant measures, with seven of them exceeding 2 trillion Yuan in target industrial scale by 2022。

Sumavision (Stock Code: Sumavision Technology 300079), as one of the few enterprises that master video coding standard and Ultra-HD core technology, it has core technology of UHD coding +5G return, 4K+5G backpack, 4K lossless transmission, AI video processing, the industry's first dual-mode 8K encoder, UHD large-screen operating system etc. The whole industrial chain solution has been completed from 4K acquisition -- intelligent -- core exchange -- storage -- transcoding -- broadcasting -- network -- terminal -- security -- monitoring, realizing 4K/8K UHD industrial ecological chain closed-loop.

It is reported that Sumavision (Stock Code:300079) has been invited to join China Mobile 5G new media alliance, China Unicom 5G application innovation alliance (Beijing) and other 5G industry alliances. Moreover, relying on its excellent technology and application strength. Sumavision has supported the live broadcasting and implementation of major events for many times, including the launch of 4K channel of CCTV and the deployment of 13 provinces, 2019 CCTV Spring Festival Gala 5G+4K live broadcasting, 2019 NPC&CPPCC 4K live broadcasting, " the Belt and Road Initiative" media application technology exhibition and BBS live broadcasting of international cooperation summit and other major events. Besides, it is also actively preparing to participate in the 8K live broadcast of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.

In the foreseeable future, 5G application scenarios such as UHD video, cloud VR/AR, Telematics, intelligent manufacturing, wireless medical care, wireless home entertainment, and personal AI assistant will all show good market space. Sumavision (Stock Code:300079) will continue to focus on technology research and innovation, and constantly improve its 4K/8K UHD industrial ecological chain, and work together to promote the development of 5G, UHD video and other industries.

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