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Sumavision AVS3/H.265 8K encoder wins “CCBN Product Innovation Excellence Award”

Time : 2021-05-31Source : 数码科技


Source: “THE FINANCIAL WORLD” magazine

On May 27, the opening ceremony of CCBN2021 was grandly held at the Beijing International Convention Center. Zhu Yonglei, deputy director of the State Administration of Radio and Television, and other leaders attended the conference. Afterwards, industry experts interpreted the development trend of several hot topics such as radio and television media integration, 5G construction, block chain, UHD, and AI.

In the afternoon's symposium, the "CCBN Annual Innovation Award Ceremony" was first held. The "CCBN Product Innovation Excellence Award", as a highly influential technology award in the radio and television industry, represents the industry's advanced scientific and technological achievements and development direction. The AVS3/H.265 8K encoder of Sumavision (stock code: 300079) stood out from many participating products and technical solutions and won this honor. The award-winning 8K dual-mode encoder has been successfully commercialized and completed the interconnection test. It can compress and transmit 8K AVS3/H.265 stream in real time, and is backward compatible with real-time encoding of 4K/HD programs. Previously, Sumavision products and systems have been successfully applied to scenarios such as the 8K laboratory of the UHD Video Industry Alliance Collaboration Center and the world's first 5G+8K broadcast vehicle. Not only in the field of UDH encoding and decoding, Sumavision has mature capabilities in UHD acquisition, core switching, and low-latency transmission. It is the first representative enterprise in the industry to realize the layout of the entire industry chain of UHD video.


In the topic sharing session, Sumavision (stock code: 300079) delivered a speech titled "New Opportunities for Radio and Television under the Wave of UHD & 5G", and shared views and insights with customers in the radio and television industry and partners in various fields. Combining the background of 5G development, systematically analyzing the current status and trends of the UHD industry from the content side, operation side, transmission side, and terminal side, and sharing industry empowering new ideas on broadening application scenarios, breaking conventions, exploring new business models, and improving monetization efficiency; and shared Sumavision media cloud, 4k/8k industry ecosystem, emergency broadcast and other solutions and typical cases, and introduced in detail the baseband IP lossless transmission system, AVS/H.265 8K encoding and decoding technology, perceptual encoding technology, ultra-low latency transmission system, high-efficiency encoding and transcoding system, and cloud production, including core technology principles and application scenarios.

With the theme of "Smart All-Media 5G New Audiovisual", this exhibition highlights the technological innovations of radio, television and network audiovisual in the context of 5G in intelligence, mobility, and high-definition, and interprets in-depth integration and innovative applications of emerging information technology and radio, television and network audiovisual. Sumavision (stock code: 300079), with the theme of "5G+4k/8k Video Full Industry Solution", will present "4k/8k Application", "Emergency Broadcast", "5G Public Service", "CAS/DRM/Watermark", and "Access Network" and other scientific research results and landing cases at the exhibition.

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