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Sumavision 5G+4k/8k video industry solutions stunning CCBN

Time : 2021-06-01Source : 数码科技


On May 28th, the 28th China Content Broadcasting Network Show (CCBN2021) was held in Beijing. Sumavision (stock code: 300079) was showcased at this exhibition under the theme of "5G+4k/8k Video Industry Solutions", focusing on displaying 5G+4k/8k, emergency broadcast, CAS/DRM/Watermark and other series of products and solutions, as well as in 5G public services, the booth continued to show high popularity. The 8K large screen at the entrance of the exhibition area attracts many visitors with its magnificent colors, high-level color values, ultra-fast frame rate, and UHD resolution.

In the "UHD Application" exhibition area, Sumavision was displayed in several major sections including 4k/8k application scenarios, 8K cable transmission, and UHD home presentation. Among them, AVS3/H.265 8K encoder, baseband IP transmission solution, UHD satellite landing, independent control of the core platform, smart operation and maintenance, and broadband TV platform demonstrate the company's strong video technology capabilities. At the CCBN Annual Innovation Award Presentation Ceremony on May 27, the AVS3 8K encoder of Sumavision was highly recognized by the jury and won the "CCBN Product Innovation Excellence Award."

The "Emergency Broadcast" exhibition area displays the big data warning release platform, full-scene transmission coverage, emergency presentation/emergency security, end-to-end national secret security, earthquake warning and other sections, which are fully presented from the perspective of platform system, transmission coverage, and terminal presentation.

In the "CAS/DRM/Watermark" exhibition area, Sumavision not only brings products such as CAS, DRM and digital watermarking, but also has application cases for various terminals such as screens, car terminals, and mobile phones, as well as excellent market report, which shows the absolute strength of Sumavision in the field of copyright protection. At the same time, the content of hard-core exhibition areas such as 5G public services, cloud services, and access network are also widely appreciated.

At 15:30, the online salon event with the theme of "Lighting up the UHD Career, Industrial Cooperation and Win-Win" initiated by Sumavision (stock code: 300079) commenced. Sumavision and Huawei, Intel, BOE, 4K Garden and other leading partners in the video industry gathered together. The salon was hosted by Wang Xue, Vice President of Sumavision Group, and the leading experts discussed in-depth UHD video content production, head-end systems, and 5G. Hot topics such as networks, terminals, and basic services, and interact with audiences online to discuss the development and future of the 5G+ UHD industry.

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