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Sumavision and “4K/8K+5G” Partners to Win-Win Industry Development

Time : 2021-06-03Source : 数码科技


From May 28th to 30th, the 28th China Content Broadcasting Network Show (CCBN2021) held in Beijing. Sumavision (stock code: 300079) brought 5G+4K/8K, emergency broadcast, CAS/DRM/Watermark and other products and solutions to the exhibition.

On the afternoon of the 28th, on the occasion of the CCBN industry gathering, the online salon with the theme of "Lighting the Ultra-Clear World, Industrial Cooperation and Win-win" initiated by Sumavision (stock code: 300079) commenced with an online live broadcast. Sumavision, as the initiator, gathered together with leading partners in the 4K/8K video industry such as Huawei, Intel, BOE, and 4K Garden. This salon was hosted by Wang Xue, Vice President of Sumavision Group, Zhu Jiayue, Deputy Director of Business Planning for Wireless Application Scenario Laboratory of Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., Yu Zhihong, Chief Engineer of Intel (China) Research Center Co., Ltd., and Shi Lingyun, Director of Technical R&D of BOE Technology Co., Ltd., Yu Lu, Vice President of 4K Garden Network Technology Co., Ltd., and Dong Bing, Assistant to Executive President of Sumavision Group, attended the meeting and fully exchanged hot topics in the entire industry chain of 4K/8K video.

Zhu Jiayue of Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. elaborated on the status quo of the joint development and iteration of 5G network construction and 5G applications, and looked forward to the future expansion of 4K/8K applications, expounded the hot concepts such as video spatialization in a simple way, and put forward at the level of 5G application innovation new thinking.

(Right: Zhu Jiayue of Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.)

Intel (China) Research Center Yu Zhihong shared some thoughts on promoting the standardization of technical standards. Intel is committed to improving computing performance. The current processor core display supports 8K 60 HDR output, which further improves the processing performance of high-load scenarios. Yu Zhihong said that Intel will continue to empower the stable development of the 4K/8K industry, and at the same time promote the application of 4K/8K video in thousands of industries through data integration and platform empowerment.

(Right 1: Intel (China) Research Center Yu Zhihong)

Shi Lingyun, BOE Technology Co., Ltd., introduced the company’s current 8K display achievements. Through self-developed AI technology, it can perform high-definition, high-resolution, and high-color automatic image processing on videos/pictures to achieve 4K/8K.

(Right: Lingyun Shi of BOE Jingxin Technology Co., Ltd.)

Yu Lu, the vice president of 4K Garden Network Technology Co., Ltd., summarized and elaborated on the progress of enterprises in all sectors of 4K/8K video industry from the perspective of the evolution of 4K/8K video industry, and shared 4K HDR content cases, interactive innovation and other application models.

(Right: Yu Lu, Vice President of 4K Garden Network Technology Co., Ltd.)

Dong Bing, Assistant to the Executive President of Sumavision (stock code: 300079), shared the technical accumulation and practical capabilities of Sumavision in the transmission link of the industry chain, and shared the uniqueness of 4K/8K video industry from the height of the entire industry chain. In the process of the 4K/8K industry becoming an industrialized scale, it requires the cooperation of various leading manufacturers in the industry chain to take the lead in their respective fields. Sumavision expresses its vision of sharing resources and technical advantages with various partners, using high-standard 4K/8K video technology and product systems to jointly build a higher-quality, and higher-standard ultra-clear world.

(Right: Dong Bing, Assistant to the Executive President of Sumavision)

With the continuous development of 5G construction, it is estimated that by 2025, 4K/8K video content will account for 20.7% of IP network traffic. Combining diversified application scenarios such as social networking, live broadcasting, augmented reality, virtual reality, etc., 5G+4K/8K may bring market opportunities of more than 175 billion U.S. dollars. Sumavision (stock code: 300079) will continue to cultivate with industry partners to help the prosperity and development of 5G+ 4K/8K video industry.


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