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Mutiplexer & Scrambler

  • Product Introduction

    Sumavision EMR platformprovides multiplexing and scrambling function without any cards insertion, realizing the requirement of core multiplexing and scrambling. It’s a 1RU device with 4(2+2) GbE ports (full-duplex), CA interface and control interface on the chassis and main control panel.
    EMR is able to provide perfect multi-level redundant backup, supporting stream pass-through, various protocols (ARP,IGMP V1/2/3,ICMP, etc.), unified management and web network management. Every GbE port can offer IP transmit-receive of at most 256 UDP ports, disposing flexibly according to different needs and meeting the demand of integrated device in the construction of digital TV head-end platform.

  • Features

    Multiplexing and scrambling solution

    EMR backboard has multiplexing and scrambling capability, a single device can achieve up to 512 MPTS multiplexing and scrambling.


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