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Offline transcoding

  • ProductOverview

    Based on the software SDM (defined media device), Sumavision multi-screen offline file transcoding system aims to the application scenarios of offlinemultiple screen transcoding and features in the modular design and Hardware & Software solution. The system is equipped with the capability of high level efficient business processes and intelligent business management. Through a unified cluster management system of real-time computing system idle processing, the dynamic distribution and the dynamic transferin the system-wide are under control, which make the whole system always in load balancing mode.

    Thehardware cards are divided into two types by functions, which are cluster management module and transcoding business module. The cluster management module can achieve the function of task management, device monitoring and other functions. The transcoding business module can meet the function of media asset download, transcoding, packaging and the uploading of the media asset.

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  • Product Features

    Based on the architecture of GPU+CPU, adopt theself-owned hardware & software, and independent research and development algorithms, to ensure multi-screen program quality.

    Adopt "Streaming" dynamic distributed computing technology to calculate the idle processing capacity of devices in real time, which guarantee the transcoding tasks are dynamically issued and dynamically transferred, ensuring the system works in the load balancing mode.

    Adopt advanced dynamic slice transcoding mode, which supports the simultaneousworking modes of downloading, slicing, transcoding, and merging. The three kinds of characters of slicing, transcoding, and merging can be switched at any time to balance the system computing capacityand the network transmission pressure, to build the most reasonable capacity distribution. With GPU hardware acceleration to bring ultra-high transcoding efficiency, this system creates the most compact transcoding platform for operators.

    Supports the most advanced H.265 4K file transcoding.

    Supports all current mainstream file packaging formats, providing various combinations of resolutions and frame rates. Adopts self-developed codecs algorithm to ensure high-quality of pictures, effectively reducing transmission bandwidth and storage space at the same time.

    Perfect task priority strategy and task accurate delivery mechanism. By planning a complete transcoding business unit occupancy plan for each task in advance, ensure that there is no resource competition between tasks. Convenient template control and association mechanism, support task batch issued at the same time can effectively prevent user misuse.

    Intelligent source directory monitoring and transcoding mechanism, complete task disaster recovery mechanism, which can ensure the security of tasks such as sending, uploading and transcoding, and creating an unmanned transcoding system.

    Modular architecture to ensure the flexibility of system capacity adjustment and smooth upgradation.

  • Commercial Cases

    For now, Sumavision multi-screen offline cloud transcoder has been successfully appliedin the streaming media systemsof operators in Beijing, Tianjin, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Chongqing, Shandong, Hubei, Hunan, Xinjiang, Anhui, Guangdong, Sichuan, Inner Mongolia, Guangxi, Shanxi,Shaanxi, etc. We provide equipment and technical support to CNV, Southern Media and other five major internet integrated service licensees, with the annual production capacity exceeds 10 million hours. Sumavision has been committed to providing customers with the most advanced, flexible, safe and most user-friendly solutions.

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