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  • 1. Outdoor R-CMTS

    Sumavision outdoor R-CMTS involves DOCSIS 3.0 / 3.1 devices, which can be used in DCA architecture and improve bandwidth greatly.

  • CC8800-Enhance & CC8800-Mini Type R-CMTS are based on DOCSIS 3.0, and cooperating with OLT or switch. Also it it can be deployed in community or building where optical nodes exist to provide 100M and even larger bandwidth.

  • CC8800-RMD / RPD R-CMTS, which are based on DOCSIS 3.1, are the next generation DOCSIS devices, whose throughput can be up to 10G+, so they meet the gigabit bandwidth requirement which is or will be the trend in the next few years.

  • (1) DOCSIS 3.0 Outdoor R-CMTS (Enhance / Mini-Type)

  • Features

    R-CCAP products designed for FTTC and/or FTTB scenarios.
    Field type products suitable for outdoor deployment.
    • Support both DOCSIS and EQAM, support video / internet / voice services.
    Throughput: for CC8800 (Enhance), support 32 downstream & 8 upstream, up to 1,840Mbps for one equipment;

                           for CC8800 (Mini), support 16 downstream & 2 upstream, up tp 860Mbps for one equipment.
    CWDM module (Optional).
    A variety of installation methods: feld installation, corridor installation, wall-mounted and hanging-cable installation.
    • Support NMS management platform and support WEBGUI.
    International certifcations:CE, FCC, RoHS, WEEE, VCCI, JCTEA, KDDI, Softbank, etc.

  • (2) DOCSIS 3.1 Outdoor R-CMTS (RMD / RPD R-CMTS)

  • Features

    Support R-MACPHY and R-PHY.
    Support DOCSIS 3.1, compatible with DOCSIS 3.0 / DOCSIS 2.0 / C-DOCSIS.
    Support DAA access architecture, support operation and management though remote distributed controller.
    Support up to 6*OFDM and 2*2*OFDMA, supports 10Gbps+ throughput per fber node.
    Support up to 1K CMs.
    Support DOCSIS, PacketCable / PCMM EQAM and Optical receiver, which can satisfy applications including internet, voice, VOD and CATV application.
    • Inner modular structure, which is easier to change part of the devic.
    • More installation methods: field installation, corridor installation, wall-mounted and hanging-cable installation.
    • A variety of management and maintenance modes: support CLI / standalone Web / NMS / EMS, and other management modes.


    2. Indoor R-CMTS (DOCSIS 3.0 / 3.1)

    Sumavision CC8800 series DOCSIS 3.0/3.1 headend CMTS are standard 1RU device, and are suitable to be deployed in operators' control room or be used in industrial scenarios like hotel etc. Same with outdoor R-CMTS, cassette CMTS can provide great guarantee for bandwidth and QoS. Besides, due to the cassette design, CC8800 series CMTS provide tremendous convenience for deployment.

  • Features

    Allow service providers to rapidly and cost effectively deliver broadband services over the existed cable network.
    • Support DOCSIS3.1, fully compatible with existed DOCSIS 2.0 / DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem, thus the existed investment is protected.
    • Smooth evolution: compatible with existed headend provision platform, CM terminal and support network evolution smoothly.
    High bandwidth: Gigabit level access device, higher bandwidth on next generation product, can satisfy the future network requirements.
    Better cost-effective: the unit price of bandwidth has been greatly reduced compared with traditional CMTS.
    • Support PacketCable / PCMM, and multi-service applications including internet, video and interactive VOD application.

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