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Sumavision work closely with local partner for countrywide digitalization

Time : 2018-01-17Source : 数码科技
  • Full OTT headend solution contract was signed between Sumavision and the biggest Triple-play operator in capital of P country at the beginning of this year. This operator focuses on high-end market and technology for future 5 to 10 years. Sumavision full headend solution won great satisfactory from the customer who acknowledged Sumavision’s prompt technical support & profound R&D ability. Long-term cooperation and strategic partner relation were built between Sumavision and the customer. In the near future, the customer will gain more market share and profit by Sumavision’s most advanced technology.

  • In the meanwhile, CAS and STB long-term supply contract was signed between Sumavision and the Top 3 operator in P country, whose service covers the whole country including the capital international airport free WiFi. For a long time, this top 3 operation kept looking for a good supplier of digital TV headend total solution. Through strict test and careful comparison, Sumavision’s solution stands out to fulfill all the customer requirements. Moreover, the customer is happy to see Sumavision other solutions like OTT, CMTS, Android STB etc. Mutual trust and benefit were built between Sumavision and the customer.

  • Sumavison brand is becoming a Name Card for Chinese Triple play devices suppliers. More and more European and American brands are replaced by good Chinese brand like Sumavision. The reason why customers choose and respect Sumavision is “Not only for business, but also for partnership”.

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