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Sumavision Technologydazzled IBC2017 with video, broadband and intelligent service solutions

Time : 2018-01-18Source : 数码科技
  • IBC is the largest and most influential industry event in the European broadcasting industry. It is held at the RAI international exhibition center in Amsterdam each year,this year is the 15th. The exhibition not only brings together all the leading brands in the world's broadcast television industry,but also dominates the trend in the industry, each exhibitor will present its latest technology. The high degree of internationalization and diversification has created a perfect communication platform between exhibitors and visitors.

  • Sumavision technologies group was invited to participate in the new IBC exhibition from Sep. 15th to Sep. 19th in 2017, presented the latest scientific research results to the international community in the most popular No.1 pavilion, and exchanged the technology experience solutions with the world class enterprise. Sumavision technology exhibition stand shows the theme of video, broadband Internet and smart services, containing video processing, DOCSIS/FTTH, IPTV/OTT, intelligent terminal and other products and solutions.The more perfect product system and the latest technology, let the Sumavision technology exhibition platform with full connotation, the capacity is huge.

  • At the middle of the exhibition stand ,it is the “Contribution & Distribution Over IP” exhibition area. This exhibition shows video core technology of Sumavision technology, in addition to 360 ° modeling and touch-screen combination pattern, can let the customer self-service comprehensively understanding the company's new and old products, the more attractive things are the 4k, H.265 encoding and transcoding technology and effects for the Sumavision technologies. Sumavision technologies has been developing and optimizing the decoding technology continuously. Our H.265 self-owned algorithm is the latest result for the R&D team of our company. It not only supports 4K resolution, but also includes 10bit color depth and other advanced technologies to realize the overall upgrading of quality.High efficiency transcoding quality, with the 4K resolution of H. 265, reduces nearly half of the bandwidth; With both Software and hardware, it is the most advanced software transcoding scheme based on embedded hardware platform. The coder supports CPU+GPU+FPGA heterogeneous calculation. With our own software and hardware, the products have independent R&D special hardware equipment and mature software system, the quality is fully controllable; Ultra high density, support 1U 6 road 4K H.265 program transcode, 1U36 HD H.264 program transcode; True 4K, extremely fluent 60 frames, BT.2020 standard achieves high color coverage, 10bit color depth can achieve 1.700 million kinds of colors, HDR high dynamic contrast can reach 100,000:1.

  • "OTT & IPTV Solutions" and "R-CCAP & FTTH Solutions" are demonstrated through four large-screen splicing wall, the overall effect of the exhibition attracts a lot of customers. “OTT & IPTV Solutions” exhibition shows the end-to-end intelligent video service solution of Sumavision. This time, Sumavision opened a demonstration platform that allows customers to operate on their own. The on-site customers can operate directly in front of the intelligent video service system in the most intuitive way, greatly increasing the customer's awareness of the product. "R-CCAP & FTTH Solutions" shows the comprehensive digital broadband solutions. R-CCAP, the industry's most cost-effective DOCSIS solution, is the most complete, all-in-one solution for CMTS product types with better compatibility (including DOCSIS 3.1) and support for all services. With the physical display and computer-side and the phone side of the network management system demonstration, highlighting the product features, it has been unanimously approved by customers. The "R-CCAP & FTTH Solutions" also shows the complete solution for Sumavision FTTH, covering EPON / GPON / 10G EPON OLT and a variety of ONU products.

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