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Sumavision Attends NAB 2017 in Las Vegas

Time : 2018-01-18Source : 数码科技
  • On April 24, US local time, the world's largest and most important radio and television exhibition ---- NAB 2017 is held in Las Vegas, Nevada.

  • Sumavision, as the expert in digital TV industry, participates in the exhibition with the newest products and solutions at booth SU5405. Sumavision has been invited to participate in this event for more than ten years, and Sumavision is keen on sharing the latest technical achievements with video industry experts.

  • In this year’s show, Sumavision shows the latest achievements with the aim to provide solutions to the whole ecosystem of DTV industry, covering content, network and terminal.
    For hardware solution, Sumavision shows the product lines from the 3.0 series to the 4.0 series. Equipment Wall with running device shows the view of end-to-end solution intuitively. Mature 3.0 series together with the latest 4.0 series give a refreshing feeling to the visitors to Sumavision booth.

  • In the software area of Sumavision booth, OMC (Omnimedia Cloud), which is based on advanced design concepts, following the industry standards, using the industry-leading advanced technologies, can provide highly flexible and scalable next-generation new media convergent platform for DTV operators. OMC will help DTV operator upgrade smoothly from DTV 2.0 era to DTV 3.0 era. To be the winner in competition, DTV operators need to move forward to DTV 3.0 era, with full channel transmission, full service bearer and full terminal coverage, to meet the requirements of user diversification and personalized watching. “Visualized Operation”, “Artificial Intelligence & Big Data”, “Intelligent Video Analysis”, and “Intelligent CDN” are some of the highlights of this part.

  • Sumavision Network Access Solution supports centralized management, high efficient operation and maintenance, resource optimization, various access methods, etc. This time, Sumavision introduces the R-CCAP Solution and FTTH Solution with products such as R-CMTS, OLT, ONU and CM, which can meet the access requirement of different kinds of network.

  • Sumavision terminal product is also one of the highlights of Sumavision booth. In addition to the ONU and CM mentioned above, Sumavision also exhibits IPTV and OTT STBs. We believe that with a variety of appearance, functions of the terminal products, there will always be one to meet your needs.

  • After 17 years of technical innovation and development, Sumavision has the ability to provide total solution to operators from DTV head-end to terminal. So far, Sumavision has provided professional services to more than 110 countries and regions worldwide. Besides the headquarter in Beijing, Sumavision has established eight marketing centers and 39 offices in the United States, Russia, India, the Philippines, etc. With constantly sophisticated solutions and perfect after-sales service, Sumavision will keep going forward with the mission "For Better Digital Life".

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